The legend of Cindazunda, a little bit of the history of Coimbra

March 23, 2018

After destroying Conímbriga, Ataces, king of the Alans, dedicated himself to the creation of a new city in the right bank of the river Mondego. Ataces was absorbed in the construction of this new Coimbra, at the site of Roman Aeminium, when the suebic king Hermeneric appeared with his army, thirsting for revenge for the defeats suffered. The battle between the two armies was so bloody that the waters of the Mondego turned red.

Hermeneric is forced to head north, but Ataces pursuit him and the suebic king had to capitulate. He offers Ataces the hand of his daughter, the beautiful princess Cindazunda, who immediately fell in love with the beauty of the young woman.

Returning to Coimbra for betrothal, the king of the Alans decided to perpetuate their marriage by giving Coimbra a commemorative coat of arms of the event. On it, the princess Cindazunda appears crowned of a bowl that symbolizes her marriage with Ataces. Over the bowl flies a lion as an emblem of Ataces and a dragon as an emblem of Hermeneric. This image is still part of Coimbra’s coat of arms of our days.

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    © 2017 Pousada de Condeixa Coimbra. All rights reserved.

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