The Pousada of Condeixa- Coimbra stands on what was once the palace of the Almadas, Counts of Avranches and that over many years hosted personalities from the most distinguished european nobility. The 16th century grand house of the noble Almada family was burned down in 1811 during the French Napoleonic invasions. It remained in ruins until the mid 19th century when the Quaresma Lopes family acquired the property and rebuilt the mansion placing on its façade their lineage ́s stone coat of arms that the present building still displays.

In 1937 the property passed to the family of the present proprietor who also owned a late 19th century palace in Lisbon from which originate the neo-renaissance style decoration elements currently present in the Pousada. The existing construction, with a regular and symmetric floor plan in a “pombalino” classic style, was built in 1993 with the purpose of becoming a Pousada; a recent remodelling returned the building to its full nobility.


The lands of Condeixa were granted by D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, to the monastery of Santa Cruz in Coimbra in the 12th century. The monks of the monastery were given the task of populating those lands and, among others, founded the town of Condeixa-a-Nova as the town of Condeixa-a-Velha already existed at least since the abandonment of Conímbriga.

The town prospered due to its strategic location in the Lisbon-Coimbra-Oporto road. It suffered much with the French Napoleonic invasions, with many of its different palaces and buildings being sacked and set afire, including the main church that was later rebuilt in the neo-classic style it now exhibits.

Condeixa-a-Nova reached its administrative emancipation in the mid 19th century, with the April 17th 1838 Chart issued by Queen Maria II. Presently, the municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova occupies a total surface of 138 sqKm with a population of about 17,500.

The municipality presents a mountainous side, with some hamlets in the heart of the hills, and an agricultural side that was one of the important sources of income for its inhabitants. Presently, Condeixa is a relatively developed town with its own industry and commerce and benefiting from the proximity of Coimbra and Conímbriga.



© 2017 Pousada de Condeixa Coimbra. All rights reserved.

© 2017 Pousada de Condeixa Coimbra. All rights reserved.